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The above-ground pool that interprets
an innovative spa concept


The above-ground pool that interprets an innovative spa concept.

The Recta model, design by Iron Sistemi, interprets the personal spa with a design of absolute minimalism. It adapts to every room in the house, from the garden to the terrace, from the living room to the bedroom: it becomes a true oasis of peace within your home where you can pamper yourself and relax.


Maximum freedom of choice

From aesthetics to materials

Our company uses an innovative construction technique, born of a deep professional knowledge that employs selected and guaranteed materials for each project. Spatium above-ground pools are designed with customisation tools by our team of technical figures and architects capable of responding to every request in terms of style and materials thanks to modularity.


Essential design in the service of relaxation

The accessories are always under the banner of a distinct visionary approach to appeal to all sensory chords: colours, intriguing and floating shapes, lights and sounds. Eccentric touches burst into the essentiality of the concept. The organic design is at the service of relaxation, the refined materials softly complicit with well-being.


Spatium by Iron Sistemi

Str. Calvisano, 25/27/29,
25016 Ghedi (Brescia) – Italia