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Spatium Piscine autoportanti fuori terra

The gaze flies towards infinite horizons

Spatium by Iron Sistemi

Above-ground swimming pools

Iron sistemi is a company that has developed a high level of industrial know-how over the years. This, together with long-standing experience and state-of-the-art technology, has led Iron sistemi into new production ‘spaces’ that have resulted in the Spatium project, the line of self-supporting above-ground pools.


A new way of outdoor living

Iron Sistemi is the custodian of a made in Italy and high industrial know-how: the design and functional skills that have always been the company’s distinguishing traits have created the conditions for shining the spotlight on a creative product, capable of presenting itself to the international market today through a collection of above-ground pools with highly innovative technology and aesthetics.


Between water and land

A project in which the furnishing element is charged with expressive power, through interaction with the surrounding environment, and is realised in the creation of an entire collection of swimming pools, not in the ground, inspired by wellbeing, comfort and sustainability, without renouncing aesthetics: SpatiumPiscine. The high quality, the modularity in width and depth, and the wide range of finishes in which the new collection will be proposed, will allow SpatiumPiscine to be a perfect furnishing complement within different contexts and destinations of use: from living spaces to Contract projects.


The Mediterranean within the home

Thanks to an approach focused on market dynamics, consumer behaviour, the opportunities offered by distribution and through a progressive and innovative dialectic between materials, more ecological production processes and the distribution system, SpatiumPiscine makes the 3 ‘S’s its strong point. The new collection creates a dialogue between in & out, light and shade, lighting up a seductive multi-sensory experience that focuses on perfect fusion with the surrounding environment.

Spatium by Iron Sistemi

Str. Calvisano, 25/27/29,
25016 Ghedi (Brescia) – Italia