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Above ground pools for the garden:
a new design trend

Spatium Piscine | Piscina fuori terra con fontana


Above ground pools for the garden: a new design trend

The Orlo above-ground pool can also be used in a domestic context, in luxury residences and in all those domestic environments that can accommodate a wellness area, either private or to be shared with guests.


Maximum freedom of choice

From aesthetics to materials

All Spatium above-ground pool models designed by Iron Sistemi have functionality, an appropriate aesthetic character and can be placed on any type of terrain.

Piscina fuori terra "Orlo" | Vendita piscine di design Brescia
Piscine fuori terra autoportanti per ambienti esterni di design | Piscine fuori terra di design Brescia


Essential design in the service of relaxation

After designing the structures, our team tailors the pool to your environment, making it precise and perfect according to your requirements and the space in which it will be located. This Spatium above-ground pool model can easily fit into any architectural environment, be it indoors or an outdoor garden, creating elegance.

Dettaglio piscina fuori terra "Orlo" | Vendita piscine fuori terra dal design moderno e ricercato

Spatium by Iron Sistemi

Str. Calvisano, 25/27/29,
25016 Ghedi (Brescia) – Italia